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Firmware Updates - Information & Tips

 Firmware updates are vital as they include important updates to the system hardware to improve functionality.  The current firmware version is 6.88.153.

  • Firmware updates automatically begin when a driver logs into the mobile application, connects to the ELD, and gets to the app home screen.


  • Firmware updates can take up to 10 minutes to complete; ensure drivers have adequate time to complete the update before driving the vehicle.

    • During this time, the vehicle cannot move and the phone/tablet using Keller Mobile® must stay within bluetooth connectivity range

    • Note: Firmware updates complete in the background on iPhone® and iPad® devices.  The user can operate the mobile application and drive the vehicle as normal during this time. 


  • The firmware update will eventually get to 99% completion but then stay there for a few moments - this is normal

    • During this time, the ELD is being power cycled and Keller Mobile® is attempting to reconnect to the ELD once it is powered back up. 

      • Android™ users may be prompted with a bluetooth pairing request - they should press OK or Pair here, whatever the affirmative option is.  If the process to reconnect to the ELD takes longer than the application expects to, the user may be prompted with a message asking if the user would like to stop waiting.  Select Yes to stop waiting and return to the application dashboard. Then, tap on the ELD status icon in the lower left hand corner and reconnect to the ELD.


  • iPhone® and iPad® users will not be prompted during the reconnection process. This will occur in the background.


  • If a firmware update is expected, but a driver is not being prompted to update, make sure they are on the most recent version of Keller Mobile®.  The easiest way to do this is to go to the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store and see if there is an update available. If they are using a Compliance Tablet, go to Menu > System Menu > File > Check For Updates.


  • If the firmware update sits at a particular percentage for 5 minutes, please power cycle the phone/tablet, log back into the Keller Mobile® app and restart the firmware update. If it happens again, please reach out to Client Services.




Where to find firmware versions In Encompass

Start from the Vehicle Management area (Note: The link is not available from Driver Management tab.)

Go to Setup


Scroll down to J. J. Keller Mobile Settings. Click on ELD Device List to view the list of ELDs.






Information about the individual ELDs can be reviewed by clicking on the Serial Number of the ELD.



Fields of note:

  • Tractor Number - The vehicle number entered in Keller Mobile during configuration (if this tractor number is incorrect, it will need to be changed by the Keller Mobile user in the application).
  • Firmware Version
  • Odometer Calibration Date - The last date in which the odometer was calibrated in Keller Mobile.
  • Dashboard Odometer - The odometer reading shown on the dash that the Keller Mobile user entered on the Odometer Calibration Date.
  • Unit Code - The Unit in Encompass that the ELD is assigned to. 

Note: These details are dependent on a KellerMobile user being connected to the ELD and has a valid internet/network connection for this information to be sent to Encompass.




Where to find firmware version in KellerMobile

While connected to the ELD, go to Menu > System Menu.



Tap on Diagnostics



Tap on ELD Config.



The ELD Version Nbr is the firmware version of the ELD.



How to find Application Versions in Encompass

Go to Setup


Scroll down to the J. J. Keller Mobile Settings box and click on Mobile Device List


View the list of devices



The device information cannot be edited as this information is coming straight from KellerMobile. Devices that are no longer in use can be removed from this list however, by selecting the check box to the left of the device and clicking Delete selected.


If a mobile device is deleted from the list, but a KellerMobile user logs back into the application on that device, it will repopulate in the Mobile Device List.



How to find Application Version in KellerMobile

Go to Menu > System Menu.



Tap on Diagnostics



Tap on App Settings.



The application version is the first field on this screen.


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